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The Indian subcontinent has a long drawn history with card games. The card games carry various influences from its colonisation impact from both the West and the East. However, India also developed their native card games that garnered a following over the years. The Indian online poker variant, 3 Patti was soon introduced in it’s digitised avatar in 2006. With the advent of the internet, penetration in the smartphone market, and viable technology, online poker games soon caught on among the mass players in India. Considering the potential of this voracious appetite, it wasn’t long before companies wanted to expose the Indian market to an online poker game. Already a wildly popular game in the West and Europe, the Indian waters were soon tested. Thereby, Indian gaming companies began to develop Indian poker sites for playing this fun online card game . Online Poker Industry India The interest in online poker games grew with the birth of an application developed for social networking site, Facebook in 2007. By 2011, it boasted of a 36 million player base, making it the world’s largest Indian online poker site. Offline, the LIVE poker games continued its battle with the Indian Legal system. The universal appeal of the online gaming industry offered direct monetisation opportunities and called for a regulatory framework. Indian laws had to differentiate between games of skill and games of chance to regulate the industry’s monetary offerings. The former is one that depends principally on the knowledge, training, and experience of the player. With that definition emerged the Real Money Gaming (RMG) online market.The ‘golden moment’ of online poker had thus arrived with the regulated RMG sector. PokerBaazi as a Leader in the Indian Poker Industry Given the high growth potential, several existing foreign poker sites set out to explore possibilities to set up India’s operations. Meanwhile, a home-grown product exposing the Indian market to i

Play online rummy While playing card games with family and friends has been the most popular recreational activity, online rummy is fast gaining widespread popularity globally. On GullyRummy, you can play daily tournaments and win amazing rewards which will get credited to your account instantly! You can also play rummy for free and win exciting prizes every day. Why play rummy online on GullyRummy? GullyRummy is adjudged as the most promising online gaming brand by The Economic Times (2018). We endeavour to provide the best-in-class user experience and support to all our registered players. If you have not already registered, here are some compelling reasons: Safe & Secure: With industry lead strong security measures, GullyRummy focuses on the data safety of the players with best-in-class encryption algorithms. Players feel safe with their data on the site while playing and thereafter. Fair Play: Fair play is one of our core values. We have incorporated defence grade ‘Quantum Random Number Generator’ technology to make sure of the utmost randomness in the gameplay. Instant Cashout: On GullyRummy, you can cash out your winnings instantly, within 60 seconds. All your cash is kept securely until you cash it out. A player can withdraw it at any time of the year easily using our instant cashout feature. Extended Customer Support: We have an award-winning customer support team to assist you for extended hours. We don’t want you to worry about communicating the issue with us. That’s why we have a support team that offers services in 7 Indian languages including English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, and Nepali. Game Play: With over 2000 players actively playing on all tables, GullyRummy offers you the most realistic online rummy gameplay with seamless interaction. The simple and powerful user interface of the gameplay provides the most immersive and diverse gameplay in online rummy. Awards: GullyRummy was adjudged as the ‘Most Promising Online Gaming Brand’ by T

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OBJECTIVE: The objective in gin rummy is to score points and reach an agreed number of points or mor

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If you think of online rummy as a whole new ball game, you are mistaken! Try playing on Rummy Millio


Rummy Rules Rummy is a classic cardgame where the objective is to be the first to get rid of all you

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Rummy 4.7/5 (518826 votes) Play Rummy free online Hardly any other card game enjoys such a cult stat

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Rummy 45 - Remi Etalat

This is an online Traditional Rummy game also known as Rummy45. You can play anytime! We have more t

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Rummy card game (Rummy Card Game) is one of the most popular card games in India. It’s easy, fun, an

Play games online. Gin rummy, cribbage, dominoes, backgammon, pyramids, solitaire, mahjong, poker solitare, canasta, pool

At GameColony you can play online head-to-head games and tournaments in 20 multiplayer games of skil

Gin Rummy

Shutout bonus: If the winner won every hand in the game then the points for each hand are doubled be

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You win a round of Rummy by placing your cards in the playing field and discarding the last one! Now

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Game End Scoring: In Gin Rummy a player may go gin by arranging their cards in sets and runs to scor

Contract Rummy

The player may place groups or sequences from hand face up on the table. This can only be done once

Rummy Rules

Rummy Rules Rummy Rummy is played with two decks of cards with two Jokers. Cards in each suit rank,

Rummy Online

Play Rummy Online On PlayRummy Card games like rummy have always been popular in India. The populari

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Deccan Rummy, India's Premium website to play rummy online offers a great chance to win real cash pr


Rummy is the classic card game in your browser! In order to win, you have to put all your cards in c

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What is Gin Rummy? Gin Rummy, sometimes simply called “Gin”, is one of the most popular card games i


How to play rummy online The aim of rummy is to get rid of all your cards before your opponent does.

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THE BEST GIN RUMMY CARD GAME APP #1 Do you love to play popular classic online card games like Gin R

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13 Cards Indian Rummy is a rummy card game that has and still enjoys a perpetual popularity amongst